La Malinette

La Malinette

Programming Interactivity Toolkit

Programming Interactivity Toolkit



Interactive arts

The Malinette is a free and open source tool to make interactive and multimedia systems. It is used by artists, students and teachers in labs, schools, colleges or faculties. For the Brutbox project, we use it also for musical workshops with autistics.

Scalable software

The software is a kind of framework and a graphical interface based on the fantastic Pure Data language and the work of its community. It is released under three different flavors, from newbies to experts.

D.I.Y. hardware

We design a wood box shaped like a book to make it portable. It contains an electronic board Arduino and a coherent set of five sensors and five actuators. You can be build the box in a Fablab near you.



malinette-soft malinette-soft

Focus on newbies, malinette-soft is the easiest way to start.
You download a single folder containing all we need: Pure Data, externals, malinette-ide and a startup script.


For advanced users, malinette-ide contains the core of the project : the framework and the graphical interface. You need to install Pure Data and externals. It is the most up-to-date version !


For experts, malinette-abs is the library of around 150 abstractions. It can be used in any other Pure Data projects by adding the path to your settings.


For makers, malinette-hw contains all ideas about hardware : the standard wood box design, a cardboard box, a wood box for Arduino MIDI, a webcam stand.



#01 - Installation

Install malinette-soft on Mac, Windows and Linux.

#02 - Overview

Discover the main features and the content of the folders.

#03 - Feedbacks

Share ideas and patches on Git (issues, wiki, feedbacks).

#04 - Settings

Understand global settings and tune your Malinette projects

#05 - Inputs

Mouse, keyboard, camera, microphone, Arduino, OSC, MIDI.

#06 - Numbers

Manipuling numbers: with maths, tools, grah, sampler, ...

#07 - Sequencers

Control timing events with sequencers.

#08 - Audio

Add audio generators and effects to your projects.

#09 - Video

Add video objects to your projects.

#10 - Outputs

Arduino, audio, video, OSC, MIDI outputs.

#11 - Projects

Make a project from scratch with some good practices.

#12 - Presets

Store and recall differents states of your patches.



Support developpement, share realisations by contacting us, contribute via git.